These products are discontinued. For our full range of current Label Printers here.
Print speeds: Medium = 7mm per second. Fast = 10mm per second. The P-Touch 90 label printer is the only printer available that prints on to "M" tape giving a limited selection of colours and sizes. It is, however, the cheapest P-Touch that features a QWERTY keyboard making it easier to use if you’ve ever used a computer (reading this would indicate you’ve used a computer at least once). The P-Touch 1000 label printer uses "TZe" tape to give you a wide selection of colours to choose from the 6, 9 and 12mm tape sizes. It features an ABC keyboard which may be difficult to get used to (it was for me from using a computer with a QWERTY keyboard numerous times a day) but it soon becomes easy. This is the only printer in the lower range that features two available fonts. The P-Touch 1010 label printer is the 1000's bigger brother. Fast print speed, compatible with "TZe" tapes of 3.5 to 12mm with a large easy to read LCD screen, more icons and border styles. This printer however only prints with one font but with a selection of over 50 different colours and sizes of TZe tapes to choose from. The P-Touch 1090 label printer is the sleek new better looking 1010. With all the same features in a more comfortable grip and stylish new look. Full features for low price! Its ABC keyboard has a more "clicky" feel to it giving you feedback that you actually pressed the button (almost like a smartphone when it vibrates on key presses). The next printers in the range are similar but specifically designed and targeted at gardeners and their gardens. Please note that some printers have been discontinued and replaced with the following:
Discontinued model Replacement model
P-Touch 1000 No replacement
P-Touch 1010 PT-H105
P-Touch 1090 No replacement