Messy Cables

It's just over a week until Halloween!

There's going to be plenty of parties as it's on a Saturday night and I know I'm going to one.

Whether you're hosting a Halloween party or kitting out the front of your house to look as spooky as possible, don't forget to label your cables!

Allow me to set the scene: you've got all your friends and family round, the sound system is blaring your favourite music, the disco lights have set a great atmosphere and one friend remembers that one song you all love, and it's on their phone. You let them plug their phone into the sound system to play it but the battery is low so its charger needs to be plugged in.


It looks harmless enough but you know you've got a few too many plugs under the table. Going on a guess you pull one. It's the extension lead for music and the lights! The room plunges into darkness and the music stops, you've dropped the cable and you're now fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the correct one to plug back in. No luck. Someone switches on the main light and the mood is killed.

If only you had a label on the plug or cable so you didn't unplug the wrong one. Marking cables around your home or office isn't a daft idea at all. In fact it can be very profession and save time or mishaps in the future.

Multiple switches in one room? Label them so visitors know what (or not) to switch on/off. Extension leads with multiple plugs? Same again, label them so you don't unplug a running computer/server or in the above case, important music system.

Using a Label Printer you can label up all your plugs, cables and extension leads so you know what's safe to unplug without stopping the music! Here's my list for the top label printers for labelling cables, plugs, fuse boards and more:


  • PT-E100 (now discontinued) - Entry/home level
  • PT-E300 - Medium