There I was, sat at my desk writing up training information for my colleagues, going through the LabelStation supplies list, and I find the mirrored gold and silver ribbons. I thought to myself, "would they retain their gloss, mirror-like finish if they were printed onto a matt label". This called for some testing. I grabbed a silver ribbon and a roll of matt silver labels we had open in our sample cabinet, loaded them in a LabelStation and printed a label. I know what to expect when printing these ribbons onto a gloss vinyl, but I didn't expect this quality on a matt finish.

Everyone in the office, myself included, is very impressed with how these labels came out. Using either the silver or gold ribbons always gives a high quality look, but there's something about silver on silver. Normally you'd expect it to be completely invisible, but the bright gloss finish of the print on the contrasting matt really does grab your attention. The video above and the photo to the left (also click this one for the full size) doesn't give this silver silvercombination any justice. The shine on the print gives an almost 3D appearance as your eyes see different levels of shine. The applications of these labels are endless. The permanent matt silver polyester labels have always been a popular choice for faceplate and electrical labels. They're rigid, stay in place and look great. The additional silver ribbon brings this label to a whole new level.


Gold ribbons are just as shiny as the silver ribbons and look fantastic on a contrasting black vinyl. Unfortunately we are unable to supply gold labels. This will probably disappoint those of you in the trophy production industry (not to mention Austin Powers'nemesis, Goldmember), but we just can't source the material. There are many different colours we can supply straight from our shelves in a huge selection of sizes, and if we don't have the size or colour you're after, we can most likely produce it especially for you with our bespoke service. Call us on 01202 681311 to make an enquiry today.