Uses For Loop Lock Tags

Loop lock tags are not just for small trees and plants. We've discovered a selection of customers using them for all sorts of applications. Here are some of the applications that might be of some inspiration to you.


Last month we received a few enquiries for the loop lock tags from turkey rearers. As Christmas is the only time of the year where it's acceptable for a family to devour an entire turkey the size of a small child; and turkeys need to be reserved for the big day. Customer were enquiring before purchasing to check if the loop lock will close around a turkey leg. The closed loop gives a ~55mm circumference (~18mm diameter) which should be suitable for a turkey, chicken or maybe even a duck leg; however they might be too loose for smaller poultry.

PAT Labels

In the past we've had a customer or two choose a few rolls of the green and a roll of the red loop locks. Why this interesting combination? Electrical testing - print on the green tags with the appliance ID, test date, contact details, and who it was tested by, then tag it on the cable of the appliance. Use the red ones if it failed the safety check.


It's already obvious that loop locks can be used to give information about plants along with the price, but how about using them on clothes. I'm not saying squeeze the loop lock tag around a sleeve or trouser leg, but rather put the loop lock around the neck of a clothes hanger. The tag can have the size of the clothing, a barcode to scan and the price for the customer.


Using loop lock tags is an inexpensive and efficient way of keeping track of keys. Whether you're a letting agent, security guard, vehicle servicing specialist or a car forecourt owner, loop locks fit easily through a key ring and can help identify the correct key first time, every time.

Reservation Hire

A tool hire company uses the tags for reservations. A customer would call or book online to hire a product, their name and reservation number would then be written on a tag attached to the product of choice. The tags could be reused or kept for logging the assets.

Temporary wire marking

Another idea would be to tag wiring looms that haven't yet been completed or connected. A brief description can easily be written to the tag and then looped round all or most of the loom in question. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for more uses of the loop lock tags. If you can think of any other uses that you would wish to share, I'd love to know. Feel free to message me using the contact form on our contact page. I might just feature your idea in a future post!