Zebra Label Printers on Apple Mac OS

Apple Mac computers are becoming more and more popular despite becoming more expensive (due to the difference between GBP and the USD). I'll also argue that it's unusual for the Apple Macbook [laptops] to become more popular as their prices have gone up but their useful features have gone down. For example, the current version of Macbook Pro has a gimmicky touch bar instead of useful function keys, but it has no normal USB ports, no Thunderbolt and less battery life, all the while costing a few hundred quid more than its predecessor. The previous, better, model of the Macbook Pro has gone up by over £200 and it's nearing end-of-line; it's madness! Now don't think I'm here just to slander Apple. I have the previous version Macbook Pro, and I love it. It's a good size, has great battery life, works with everything I want it to work with, has USB ports that don't require a £50 adaptor, and I saved myself around £150 as I got it on student discount a few years ago. I haven't found an inkjet or laser printer that doesn't work with it, however I haven't found many label printers that work with it, but all that is changing.

Dymo and Brother label printers are well known for their Mac compatibility with their own label design and print software. TSC have released a driver that works for Mac, but I've had nothing but problems with the margins and page sizes. What doesn't help is that there's no true, universal label design software for Mac which meant I was limited to the basic text edit app which is more than useless for this requirement.

Zebra haven't released an official driver for Mac, but they are providing Mac users a third party driver for their non-kiosk printers. To use the driver you need to accept Zebra's terms and conditions that there's no guarantee it will work and that support is either limited or completely unavailable. The "CUPS" driver is said to work on Unix and Linux systems as well as Mac OS. This will allow you to use printers such as the GC, GK, GX, ZT on the likes of Mac, Ubuntu, Fedora and many more systems.