NEW: BradyJet J5000 Full Colour Label Printer Overview



Looking for a full colour, 8" wide label printer? Look no further than the BradyJet J5000. Featuring a full CMYK, 4800 DPI print resolution and a 16 million colour output. This printer also features the new Brady Workstation software to design and print your labels quickly and easily with a selection of downloadable apps. Connectivity from your computer to the printer can be done through a choice of USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.


  • Full 16 million colour CMYK inkjet print.
  • Huge 4800 DPI print resolution.
  • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Min media width: 51mm - Max media width: 210mm.
  • High 6 inches per second print speed.
  • Automatic guillotine cutter.
  • Brady Workstation design and print software included.
This full colour printer certainly is a nice surprise from the usual single colour printers. It takes next to no time to print a label once it's warmed up. The labels are dry from the moment they've left the printer, and the design software is easy to use. This lets you spend less time with the printer and more time getting on with other tasks. The ability to print on die-cut and continuous media means you have a huge selection of sizes for your labeling application. The built-in guillotine cutter cuts the continuous labels to the correct length, and cuts between die-cut labels for a neat stack of printed labels instead of a possible messy pile. The is one of the first few printers from Brady to use the new all-in-one Brady Workstation software. This is a Windows based application, with downloadable "apps" to aid you in printing the correct type of label. With built-in templates and automatic media recognition, you'll be designing and printing in no time at all.

Quick alternative compare



The closest printer on par with the J5000 is the Epson ColorWorks C7500. Brady can print at resolutions up to 4,800 DPI, while the Epson is only 600 x 1,200 DPI. When it comes to print speed, the supercar-like Epson prints at 300mm per second, while the hot-hatch-equivalent Brady tops out at half that speed. These swings and roundabouts specifications come with very different price tags: RRP of the BradyJet J5000 is £2,714, while the ColorWorks C7500 RRPs at £5,295. That's nearly double the price, which doesn't make any sense as the Epson is a 4" wide printer and the Brady is double width at 8". Comparing anything with the BradyJet is so close, they might as well be a millions miles apart. I will add that the Brady consumables might cost you a little extra per labels, but we all know Brady labels are of the highest quality and Brady pride themselves on this. That being said, I thought I'd test how they withstand various liquids.

Label Durability

Inkjet printing is fairly well know as being not great with longevity. The ink can fade after long periods of UV exposure and and they can't usually withstand abrasion. Let's look at the example above. Divide it into 3 columns where they have been labeled (with a Brother TZe tape) for water, IPA (isopropyl alcohol), and white spirit. Exposure to water caused the black into to run a little, which can be seen at the top of the letter T in the text, "Trip Hazard". An abrasion test while still wet using a paper towel after exposure didn't cause any further damage. IPA almost instantly lifted the ink, which was then destroyed by wiping it with the paper towel. White spirit did lift the ink, but it didn't run and it didn't lift enough to notice. The paper towel was stained with the 3 colours from the label. I'd also like to add that this label was printed a few weeks ago, so there's no argument of the ink still being wet.


It looks like Brady have been working hard on this printer, as it's really high quality, super fast, and prints fantastic quality labels. The market for full colour labels printers is fairly narrow, but it's widening quickly. For more information, to request a demo or to order, call us on 01202 681 311.