Leitz Icon Review
Pros Cons
WiFi & USB I found the software still crashes on selecting address templates
Optional battery pack I found the mobile app to be slow and in some case unresponsive
Easy to load tapes No standby or power off which could mean a flat battery


Leitz have released a printer that dives right into the middle of the market. With die-cut, continuous, paper and plastic labels, this printer will help suit any requirement around the home, office or even a warehouse. Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows over USB or WiFi. Please read the original review first. They were a little disappointed with the score I previously gave it. They have since updated the software, released the mobile app for Android and supplied me with the battery and some other tapes to try. Consider this review the real review.


  • Print on continuous & die-cut label sizes from 12mm to 88mm wide and up to 2.7m long
  • Powers from mains or attachable battery pack
  • USB and WiFi connectivity
  • Automatic electric cutter
  • Print resolution: 300x600dpi (fast) & 300x300dpi (faster)
  • Print speed: 3 labels per second
  • Buttons: feed / feed then cut
  • Sensors: cartridge, black mark & cover open
  • Status lamps: WiFi, power
  • Size: 217mm (257mm with battery) x 129mm x 112mm
  • Weight: 1.27Kg (1.77Kg with battery) without labels
  • Power usage: unknown. Comes with a 120 Watt power adaptor

Setup & Software

Last time I didn't review the Wifi mainly because there was no Android app but since then the void has been filled. However it is a little fiddly to setup. It doesn't appear possible to print from PC with WiFi (mac unknown but probably the same). Quite a shame as their promotional video shows the printer being shared by many. Also as mentioned in my review of the Epson LW600P, the new Macbook doesn't have a USB connection without a £65 adaptor (this might be the direction of new laptops) so it would have been nice for that to work. It's not a must and I'm sure the majority will survive without, but it seems a little useless seeing as the Brother WiFi printers do work with PC and Mac wirelessly. Computer software still crashes when selecting address labels. It now produces an error log which I had to manually send to their support team on their website. I have yet to hear back from them so as soon as I do, I'll update this page (follow our Twitter to be informed). 2017 update: 2 years later, still never heard from them. On both the computer and mobile software it still detects the media you've inserted (great!), BUT you still have to go out your way and select it from the menu templates otherwise it won't print. Brother and Brady have got this system working so well, why can't Leitz?! A couple new media rolls required my printer to have a newer firmware installed. Doing this was rather inconvenient as we have no WiFi computers in this office, yet for some bizarre reason you can onlyupdate through WiFi. I had to connect my phone directly to it, access the web-based control panel on my phone, change the settings and passwords so it could connect to our office WiFi network, then I could finally access the same web-based control panel on my wired computer to upload the new firmware file. This is the first printer I've ever come across that does its firmware updating over WiFi only, which for me was an inconvenience because of the lack of WiFi devices.


Using the app

The Android app looks nice, but is slow. Setting up crashed a few times when trying to select the printer. When connecting either through a network or directly, the app fails to see the printer on the first, second and third attempt. It can also be very delayed when trying to do things. It's very much a "press button, go make a cup of tea" scenario with this app. Leitz would probably argue that my phone is slow but I'm one of these people who likes things to be fast so my phone definitely isn't the bottleneck. The mobile app has templates for all labels but for continuous media they call it "multipurpose" instead. It's also not very clear if you can adjust length of continuous labels so you have a choice of a few different set lengths but you'll need to look around the other templates for these other sizes. Consistency between the computer and mobile app isn't quite there. The app is very frustrating, you require the patience of saint if you want to give it a fighting chance. I spent nearly an hour trying various methods and following instructions with no avail. I managed to print 3 small continuous labels before it disconnected and wouldn't reconnect.


Printing is still very fast. Even when putting the quality up to 600x300dpi which slows it down it's still very fast. The quality is really nice and even small text is readable.

Final Verdict

  • FEATURES: 9/10
  • USABILITY: 3/10
  • BUILD: 5/10
  • OVERALL: 6/10
  • I really want to like this printer. The hardware is great and it has so much potential but it's only major failure is the software that runs it. It would be nice if there was a power button, standby or auto-off features. I give it 6/10; 4.5/5 for the printer, labels and battery accessory. 1.5/5 for the software because it will print a label but only after some faffing about. Managed to print three labels from my mobile before giving up as it failed to keep a connection. Both the computer and mobile applications can see what labels are installed but rather annoyingly it requires you to manually change the size.