In case you missed it, here are instructions to get you setup:

Label setup

  1. Choose General from the home screen
  2. Choose your required orientation of either landscape or portrait
  3. Press Next and choose the label length if it is a continuous media
  4. Press finish to continue to your new label design
  5. Press Insert to add a textbox, barcode, image/symbol and shapes

Object options

  1. Drag a corner or edge to resize an object
  2. Drag from the centre to move an object
  3. Tap the bubble on the top left corner to change object settings such as text size and styles for a textbox
  4. Tap and hold an object for cut, copy, paste and alignment
  5. Tap and hold an empty space for paste


  1. To serialize a textbox, select the textbox
  2. Press the serialize button
  3. Select the text in the box to serialize and press OK
  4. Change the incrementation options
  5. Press OK
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