If you've bought or are thinking of buying a Labelstation Label Printer and would like to know how easy it is to fit the print ribbon then here a couple videos that will explain it clearly so you'll be an expert in minutes!

What is a print ribbon?

If you're wondering what a print ribbon is, the only way to easily describe it is it's the ink for the printer. The majority of our ribbons for our Labelstation Printers are 300 metres. Ribbons can be wax, resin or a mixture of the both.

There are recommendations for different media materials and finishes. For example you would use a wax ribbon on paper and a resin ribbon on polyester labels. You will also use a wax ribbon on polypropylene tags such as our loop locks but it's recommended to use a resin ribbon on vinyl which will in fact take both.

Please call us on 01202 681311 for further advice on choosing a ribbon for your labels.

How long will a ribbon last?

This is a tricky one to get a definitive answer but it can be worked out with very simple math. ( A + B ) x C = D

A: Height of labels (non-leading edge)

B: Size of gap between each label

C: Quantity of labels

D: Length of whole roll Example: Let's say we have a roll of 1,500 labels that are 100mm x 50mm. They are wide edge leading with 3mm gaps between each label. As the wide edge leads off first we're interested in the height of 50mm. Add on the 3mm gap and you have 53mm.

Now times this by the 1,500 labels we have and we get 79,500mm which is 79.5 metres. This means we will get just over three and a half rolls of labels per 300m ribbon. Easy!

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