This month's most popular video tutorial for BarTender users shows how to add database connectivity to your label design. Click here to play the video Please note this tutorial is not compatible with BarTender UltraLite (the version that ships with all our LabelStation printers as standard). To follow this you will need to upgrade. If after viewing this video you need to refresh your memory, here is run down of the steps:
  1. Once you have designed your label click the "Database" icon.
  2. Click "Next". Select the database connection type. For this example we will choose "Microsoft Excel". Click "Next".
  3. Use the "Browse" button to find the file and open it. The spreadsheet will need to be closed from all open Excel programs before attempting to open it from BarTender.
  4. Test it can be opened successfully but clicking the "Test Connection" button, wait for the confirmation then click "Next".
  5. Select the Excel sheet the data is in. Unless you have renamed this it is usually "Sheet 1". Click "Add" then "Finish" and "OK".
  6. To connect a textbox with the database double-click on the border. Change the "Data Source" from "Embedded Data" using the wizard button.
  7. Select "Database Field" and click "Next".
  8. Choose the "Field Name" and if necessary change the sample field data. Click "Finish" then "Close".
  9. If there is more do the same with all other text/barcode fields on your label template.
  10. You can click the "Print Preview" icon to see your label in action. This is helpful if you have any data that might be too long for a text field and overlaps other data or goes off the label entirely.
  11. To prevent overflow of any data fix the size of the textbox.
  • Double-click on a textbox border to open its properties and select "Text Format".
  • Tick the "Auto Size" checkbox.
  • Choose the minimum and maximum font sizes you wish to allow.
  • You can now resize the textbox to the largest width possible that you require.
  • Now if you preview your label no text will overflow other items or out of the label.
  • Don't forget to save your template.
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Labelstation bartender tutorial