This month's most popular video tutorial for BarTender users shows how to add barcodes to your label template. Click here to play the video If after viewing this video you need to refresh your memory, here is run down of the steps:

  1. Click the "Barcode" drop-list and choose a symbol type.
  2. There's a wide selection of barcodes to choose from.
  3. You can scroll through the barcodes to find the type you require or enter it into the search bar, for example "code 39".
  4. Once you have selected your desired barcode click somewhere on your label template to insert it.
  5. Double-click on the barcode to open it's properties.
  6. In the navigation pane, click "Symbology and Size".
  7. You can set or disable the start and stop characters and "Check Digit".
  8. In the navigation click "Human Readable".
  9. From here you can turn the human readable part on/off and move it's location in relation to the barcode.
  10. To change the font, size and style of the human readable, select "Font" from the navigation.
  11. To change the barcode data, select the current data in the navigation under "Data Sources".
  12. Remember, you can set up a prompt to change the data every time you print the label.
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Labelstation bartender tutorial