Brother PT-7500 Handheld Label Printer

Brother PT-7500 Handheld Label Printer

Brother PT-90 Handheld Label Printer

Brother PT-90 Handheld Label Printer

Brother PT-7600 Handheld Label Printer

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The Brother PT-7600 Labelling Kit. Great value, ideal for use onsite.

  • Delivery: Free (UK Standard)
  • Uses label sizes: 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm
  • DISCONTINUED - Please call for alternatives
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This item has now been discontinued and has been replaced by the PT-E550WVP

The Brother PT-7600 is designed for the toughest conditions: and perfect for on-site electrical contractors & plumbers. The P-Touch 7600 includes a Ni-Cad battery pack and boasts USB connectivity: making it one of the most versatile in the P-Touch range. Using the intelligent software provided: you can store a company logo or other images in its memory: and also create your own label templates: ideal for repeat labelling tasks.

Whats in the box:

  • Carrying Case
  • User's Guide
  • Rechargable Batteries Pack (BA-7000)
  • AC Adapter (AD-18)
  • TZ-S651 & TZ-FX231 tapes
  • Adjustable Neck Strap
  • CD-ROM
  • USB Cable


  • Prints labels up to 24mm wide (TZ)
  • ABC style keyboard
  • 16 character 2 line backlit LCD screen
  • USB data transfer function
  • 1 font style: 8 print size:15 border/frame styles
  • Manual label cutter
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Printer: PT-7600
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What's the difference between the P-Touch 7500 and P-Touch 7600?

The PT-7600 is supplied with a rechargeable battery pack making it more ideal for on-site usage the PT-7500 however is not. Both models are supplied with AC adapters though.

I need to label equipment that is exposed to all weather conditions. What makes this label better than Dyno tape labels?

TZ tape is laminated so ensures your label is fade resistant chemical resistant aswell as being waterproof and resistant to temperatures ranging from -80 degrees centigrade to + 150 degrees centigrade. TZ tapes come in normal or extra strong adhesive therefore are suitable for most environments all TZ tape is ideal for indoor / outdoor applications and come in various colours.

Does the software work on OS X?

The PT-7600 currently only works with MS Windows there is no Mac support at the moment.

Does this printer use any ink ? If so how much are new ink cartridges ?

The Brother P-Touch 7600 uses TZ cartridges which are pre constructed of both ribbon and label so there is no need to purchase ink for this printer.

Does this machine have the ability to print barcodes?

The Brother P-touch 7600 does print barcodes

Does this print via the USB in a similar way to the PT-2430?

You can connect the P-Touch 7600 to a PC via USB you are able to design your label on your PC using the software provided then you can download your design to the printer there are 10 memory locations on the printer to store your label template.

Hi i am new to this product actually i insert the label but i dont get any print i want full infomation plz provided

If you are having problems with your printer you will need to contact Brothers Technical Helpdesk on 08444 999 444 where an adviser will be able to assist.

How do I minimise wasted tape between labels when printing a sequence of labels?

Depending on which printer you have you may be able to reduce label wastage when chain printing please call the sales department on 01202 683212 to discuss.

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