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New BradyPrinter i5100 300 dpi

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The intuitive new BradyPrinter i5100 Label Printer offers crisp, high quality printing. It is ideal for printing reliable, industrial grade labels for product and wire identification. The i5100 offers excellent performance and prints on a wide range of labels, plus custom labels. This smart, easy to use printer supersedes the IP Series.

The BradyPrinter i5100 is the successor of the Brady IP Series Printers, with more than 1200 standard identification labels plus custom labels. Applications include a wide range of specialised and commonly used product labels, electronics and PCB labels, logistics and asset tracking labels, cable & component identification labels and laboratory sample labels.

The new BradyPrinter i5100 Industrial Label Printer communicates automatically with Bradys label design apps, label consumables and ink ribbons for a smooth and fast printer setup. Its intuitive, full colour touch screen includes a label and print status monitor which informs customers when the installed ink ribbon does not optimally match the inserted label supplies. Brady labels can easily be loaded thanks to a self-centering roll holder and automatic calibration and label setup. On top of this, the printer features a range of standard ports for common industrial connectivity scenarios.

Whats in the box:

  • 1x Brady i5100 Label Printer
  • Power cord
  • USB Cable
  • RFID enabled roll holder
  • 1x ribbon takeup spindle
  • Brady Workstation Basic Suite leaflet (giving easy and free access)
  • Printer user manual and product CD


    • Easy to set up
    • Prints on label widths from 5mm to 110mm
    • Auto-detects what ribbon and label is installed
    • Wide range of labels available
    • Uses IP enabled ribbons and labels
    • Range of standard ports for common industrial connectivity scenarios
    • 2 year warranty
    • Crisp, high quality printing
    • Prints at a speed of up to 300 mm/sec at 300dpi

The BradyPrinter i5100 is ideal for printing labels for these applications:

  • Product identification labels: metallised labels, tamper-evident labels, work in process labels, QA testing labels.
  • Electronics and printed circuit board labels: polyimide traceability labels, removable labels, electrostatic dissipative labels.
  • Logistics and asset tracking labels: tote & pallet labels, repositionable bin & shelf labels.
  • Cable & component identification labels: Self -laminating cable labels, cable sleeves, cable tags, push button labels, rating plate labels.
  • Laboratory labels: Cryo tube labels, slide labels, removable glassware labels, well plate labels, tissue cassette labels.

Click here to view the BradyPrinter i5100 label printer datasheet.

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