The Brother range of DK labels and continuous tapes are suitable for the QL Range of desktop label printers. DK Labels are self-adhesive and are supplied either as die-cut (pre-sized), or for those users who want more flexibility on label size the continuous label tapes offer the ability to vary the label length from the page set up in the software.


Brother DK-11202 Shipping Labels 62mm x 100mm - Labelzone
Brother DK-11240 Barcode Labels 102mm x 51mm - Labelzone
Brother DK-11219 Round Labels 12mm diameter - Labelzone
Brother DK-11218 Round Labels - 24mm diameter - Labelzone
Brother DK-11207 - 58mm diameter CD - DVD Labels - Labelzone
Brother DK-11203 File Folder Labels 17mm x 87mm - Labelzone

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