We stock a range of label tape cartridges for Casio printers. Called EZ-Label Printer tape cartridges, these labels are compatible with the KL-60, KL-780, KL-120 and KL-7400 printers. Please note that some of the smaller models will only take 6mm, 9mm and 12mm tape cartridges. Check the product details before purchase or call us for details.


Casio XR-12WE. Tape 12mm Black on White - Labelzone
Casio XR-18WE Tape 18mm Black on White - Labelzone
Casio XR-12X Tape 12mm Black on Clear - Labelzone
Casio XR-18RD Tape 18mm Black on Red - Labelzone
Casio XR-18BU Tape 18mm Black on Blue - Labelzone
Casio XR-18X Tape 18mm Black on Clear - Labelzone

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