Brother TZe / TZ Labelling Tapes

The full range of Brothers TZe / TZ tapes is split over a number of type of labelling tape groups, these are detailed below.

  • Laminated TZe / TZ tapes - hard-wearing and fade-resistant, laminated TZ labels are suitable for indoor or outdoor labelling tasks. The overlaminate gives these tapes complete water resistance and will also remain unaffected by many chemicals.  These Brother labelling tapes have also become the popular way of labelling in the garden due to its UV and moisture resistance.

  • Non-laminated TZe / TZ tapes - the most economical range of Brother TZ tapes, these labels are not suitable for outdoor use and are only suited for short-term labelling tasks. There is no laminated layer and therefore this tape loses its robustness of the above laminated TZ tape.

  • Fluorescent TZe / TZ tapes - typically used in industrial environments for caution signage and warning labels

  • Strong adhesive TZe / TZ tapes - this type of TZ label has an even higher level of adhesion (or stickiness) for irregular surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, PVC, acrylic, polypropylene and polyester-coated wood. Recommended for use in commercial environments were the labels are required to stay in situ for many years,

  • Security TZe / TZ tapes - typically used in asset management. When the label is peeled, it leaves behind a 'checkerboard' pattern indicating the label has been tampered with.

  • Fabric TZe / TZ tapes - made of a special cloth, print your text to this label and then iron it on directly to your chosen fabric. Ideal for uniforms and workwear.

  • Iron-on TZe / TZ tapes - allows you to directly transfer letters and words to the fabric. Simply apply a hot iron and a cloth over the tape.

  • Flexi TZe / TZ tapes - specially formulated for acute edges and cylindrical surfaces (cable & wire marking, pipes, laboratory equipment etc)

  • Premium TZe tape - this tape has a sparkling background to give it a premium quality look and feel, plus a laminated overcoat.


Brother Launch New TZe Tapes

Brother are constantly striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible and the launch of the new Brother TZe tapes hightlights their commitment.

As a replacement for the current TZ tapes the new cartridges offer environmental benefits as well as benefits for the supply chain in terms of a weight reduction of the product and end user sees an increase in the strength of the adhesion of the new Brother TZe tapes.

So, what does the "e" in TZe stand for ?  Well, the "e" in TZe stands for “Environmental” and simply means it's in the new eco-friendly packaging.

Key features of the new Brother TZe range are:

Reduced Plastic - Cassette plastic weight reduced by 15%.
Recycled Content - Cassette contains at least 5% recycled material.
Redesigned Eco packaging.

The actual label tape itself has not changed, it’s just the packaging that has improved.

Brother TZe Tapes Q & A

Will this new TZe work with my current label printer?

Yes, All TZe supplies are backwards compatible with all P-touch printers that use the current TZ tapes.

Are there any other benefits aside from the environmental ones?

The new TZe tapes offer several performance benefits including:

Increased adhesion strength (up 10%)
Better durability against drops
Improved laminate alignment

What are the new part numbers going to be?

The part numbers will all be very similar to old ones - just with an "e" following TZ, i.e., TZe231 (was TZ231).

What happens if I order using the original TZ part number ?

Its not a problem, our order processing system will migrate the part number from the old TZ to the new TZe.

If you have any questions regarding the new Brother TZe tapes, please contact Customer Service on 0800 975 5040