Zebra are a key global manufacturer of printing, scanning and mobile comupting technolgy. Environmental protection and sustainability have been at the forefront of the companies ethos for many years.


As side from the obvious focus on quality, Zebra's label manufacturing is constantly seeking to improve environmental standards.   Goods packaging is constantly under scrutiny as the short life nature and one hit use of packing materials is without doubt a burden on the environment.  As part of the packaging profile, labels are included and should therefore be given careful consideration about how they are used and disposed of. 

Zebra Labels Zebra Zip Ship From LabelZone

Millions of mailing bags are disgarded every year. An example of how Zebra labels can make recycling easier is show above.  By combining the correct label materal with your postal bag, the packaging becomes recyclable.  It is not commonly know that Polyethylene bubble mailing bags can not be recylced with the stanadard paper labels unless the label is removed.  Zebra manufacture a Polyethylene label called PolyE 4000D which is a low cost, direct thermal labels made from the same material as the mailing bag.  By using PolyE 4000D the disgarded mailing bags can be recycled avoiding landfill as the materials can be recycled together.

Reducing waste can be a quick win on any environmental check list.   The Zebra Zipship range of stock labels enables customers to operate “just in time purchasing” meaning less stock on the shelf and should a label requirement change there is no surplus, unwanted stock to dispose of.    With over 400 Zip Ship products most users will be able to find a label size to suit their requirements. 

Reduction of waste can also be addressed by use of linerless labels.  The typical silicone liners used in label rolls cannot be recycled so therefore where possible, the use of linerless label are a great opportunity to reduce waste.

It is also worth noting that all of Zebra’s labels are now BPA free plus the Z-Perform 1000D PF labels are BPA and BPS free.  These phenol-free labels and receipts are regarded by many to be safer to handle. 

The way forward for a more environmentally responsible workplace must be a multifaceted approach but Zebra and Advanced Labelling Limited are able to provide labelling solution that will help you achieve and maintain environmental targets.
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