Direct Thermal Labels

1) Labels are a key component in the creation of your brand. Your branded labels help people recognize your products and differentiate them from other suppliers.

2) Labels increase sales by improving customer awareness and give clear product information. They can be like a silent sales team working for you 24/7. A clear, professional looking label promotes your brand and enhances your product range.

3) Labels save time and money that would otherwise be spent on manual processing. Labelling your stock makes it easy to sort and organize products for re-order, helps assemble bulk orders, tracks missing items, and can even help return merchandise to stock by scanning barcodes with handheld scanners.

4) Labels are required, in some cases, by law. A good example of this is the upcoming Natasha’s Law which aims to improve food safety.

5) Labels make product quality visible to customers. Customers become aware of issues such as expiry dates, storage requirements, ingredients, allergens etc through labels on a package.

6) Labels help you reach new markets and tap into existing ones more effectively. Labels help your company communicate information to its global audience using different languages, designs, or barcodes. Printing your labels in house allows you to create one off and short runs of bespoke labels to test new markets.

7) Labels improve efficiency and reduce errors. Labelling stock allows employees to move faster through warehouse tasks such picking and packing.

8) Labels save time spent searching for missing inventory. Labelling helps manage inventory by enabling workers to locate products quickly. Labelling reduces time spent sorting through different types of containers (eg., bins) while looking for missing inventory.

9) Labels can help maintain product quality - Labels help employees monitor the condition of products, verify lot numbers, track shortages or damages.

10) Labels also help identify hazardous materials. Health and Safety is a key element of all businesses and with clear, accurate labelling, your risks can be identified.