Warehouse Labelling - Organisation and Efficiency

Every warehouse manager knows that labelling is vital to the smooth running of their facility . Labels provide a quick way to locate items and identify racking. Labelling also helps with stock management, not only identifying what is on the shelf but providing an accurate way of stock taking. The Zebra range of label printers are a popular choice for printing stock and warehouse labels.

However, labels should be more than just racking labels or inventory stickers; they are often used to indicate how best to store goods in the warehouse shelving system as well as their location within that racking structure.

LabelStation Pro200 Warehouse Labelling

For example, if you have shelves at different heights for storing various types of products – such as perishable foods above dry goods – there needs to be clear indication as to where each product can go so warehouse staff know which sections are open for them too access and restock. Similarly, it may be necessary for all staff to know where to put a product if it is urgently needed.

Labels are also important for racking management, as they help staff identify the racking on which an item should be stored and its position within that racking structure; this can again make stock management much simpler because items can be quickly restocked in their designated locations.

Finally, labels need not only refer to location of goods but also provide information about how those products should be handled or processed when they leave the warehouse . For example , there may be labels denoting whether certain products are perishable and so must go into refrigeration before leaving the building.

Similarly, labelling enables clear identification of dangerous materials such as paints or chemicals - anything with risks needs to be identified. Check out our short video and see how the LabelStation printers enable you to print one off and short runs of stickers and labels.

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