Brady BBP31 & BBP33

As with every Brady printer, the quality of the product never ceases to impress me. Being in the position I am, I'm fortunate enough to play around with many printers.

The Brady BBP31 label printer (now replaced by the S3100 series) is by far the easiest to use considering how advanced it is. Everything inside is colour coded with guides so it's almost impossible to accidentally put something in the wrong place or the wrong way round. Ribbons and labels will only go one way round. Everything that is yellow moves. If something hasn't been moved when it was meant to have been, it'll tell you on the screen. If you've inserted the wrong ribbon for the media, it'll tell you. It has a wiper arm for continuous media which it recommends lowering. This is so it can remove any dust from the media before it's printed to. Continuous media can be subject to static which causes the attraction of dust. Printing onto dust can cause a loss in quality one way or another. The printer will also warn you if the arm is not down when it should be and vice versa.


Colour touch screen*

Mouse not required! Switch between functions and settings at the tip of your fingers. Fast and easy to use. The coloured GUI makes navigating a breeze while the live print preview shows you exactly how your label will look.

Mini QWERTY keyboard*

It's easy to type on the built-in keyboard as it's the same familiar style as a computer keyboard. Full plastic, high-quality keys (not rubber).

USB & built-in memory*

The built-in memory of 50MB allows you to store 1,000's of labels but with the addition of a USB memory device you can store more and transfer from one printer to another or computer.

Maximum 101mm wide media

Not many printers have both a colour touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard in one unit so having the ability of printing on media up to 4 inches wide is a massive bonus filling a large niche in the market.

Warnings if anything doesn't match

If you've inserted the wrong type and/or size ribbon for the media it will warn you. You can skip past this warning but it will do it every time until the mismatch is corrected. This help keep the quality of your labels at their highest.


Not only will it check to make sure the ribbon type and size matches the media type and size but the colour screen gives you a preview of your chosen media and ribbon colours. It'll check to make sure that any extra arms have been lowered if they're needed and also align the first label so there's no waste.

Sign Shop Built-in*

Brady's Sign Shop is packed full of all the most common and popular signs and symbols just a couple fingertip-taps away from being inserted into your design. You can change the size, orientation and position.

Import own logo*

Using an external memory device connected via USB you can import your own company logo onto the label template ready to print. If you'd prefer to save a little bit of cash and have a computer handy there is the alternative Brady i3300 label printer series. This has the same features but doesn't have built-in keyboard, screen or memory. When accuracy of label design is what you need then a Brady printer is the machine for the job. *Not on the BBP33. Windows PC required.