Dymo XTL Label Durability

The Dymo XTL printer is still rather new so I was curious as to how the labels will hold up in fairly rough conditions. What better location to test the durability of a label than the floor in a couple doorways of our busy warehouse. The last two months have given the UK hot, cold, humid, and wet weather. As much as the sunshine and rain didn't directly hit these labels, I'm sure some hot coffee was spilt on, and a few grubby shoes scuffed over them. As you can see from the photos, the labels were date stamped and stuck down in busy areas. As I start to write this post and take new photos, it is some 60 days later. That means 42 8 hour work days (or 336 hours) of people walking, and trollies rolling over them. So let's have a look at how they held up.

Drag the slider on the photo above to see a detailed comparison of the label when it was new and 60 days old. A few things that are obvious is that the print has faded slightly losing its bold darkness. The other thing to note is the yellow has dulled down and is no longer as bright. One thing that might not be fully obvious is the dark line around the very edge of the label. If you look closely, you can see the label has actually shrunk, exposing the adhesive behind which has attracted the dust and dirt producing this thin border; this is usually to be expected for vinyl, but it's so minor it's not worth worrying about. Keep in mind this label material is vinyl; it's perfect for outdoor use, but not really designed for being walked on, so the fact that it's lasted this long is rather impressive.

Here's to many more weeks of testing.

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