How To Load a SATO Price Labelling Gun

We've launched a range of the the most popular SATO price guns and consumables to match.

To insert the labels

  1. Holding the price gun upright by the handle pull the black roll holder up and towards you to open it.
  2. Turn the printer upside down and with one hand pull both the black tabs on either side towards you to release the underside.
  3. Fully open both the top and bottom parts of the printer. You should be able to see through the center of it.
  4. Make sure the labels are rolling off the bottom of the roll from the side closest to you.
  5. It can help to put a slight fold down the length of about 10cm of the start to keep it straight.
  6. Insert the labels from the top of the printer through and out of the bottom.
  7. Pull through some more labels so you have around 10cm poking out the bottom as you close the underside fully.
  8. Place the roll into the roll holder, remove some of the slack by rolling the labels back onto the roll as you close the roll holder.
  9. Remove all the labels off the backing paper from the labels sticking out the bottom (this will prevent jamming).
  10. Feed the blank backing paper directly up into the slot that sits about 60mm back from where the printed labels exit.
  11. Pushing the backing paper in, without it folding, squeeze the handle print a label. You will need to squeeze the handle a few times to remove the slack from the backing paper.
  12. The first printed label to come out will be overprinted too much and will look messy. The labels that follow will be correct.

To remove the labels

  1. Open the bottom part of the gun and tear the backing paper.
  2. Open the roll holder and remove the roll.
  3. Close both parts of the gun making sure no labels or backing paper are still inside.
  4. Remove any labels from the backing paper still attached to the printer.
  5. Squeeze the handle repeatedly until all the backing paper has been ejected from the gun.

To change the data printed

  1. Pull the knob right or left so the arrows align on the character you wish to change.
  2. Twist the knob to the desired character.
  3. Return the knob all the way to the left when finished.