Introducing the New Zebra ZD621R

Zebra's ZD621R is a printer that has been designed to deliver premium quality and hassle-free operation, perfect for any customer. This RFID printer offers the best in class features, maximum performance as well as next generation technology and unmatched security ensuring customers have an exceptional experience with this machine.

Customers will benefit from an innovative new architecture to power Zebra’s ever-expanding printer capabilities and software. RFID printing and encoding capabilities in a compact desktop printer and ever more importantly, unmatched security that's constantly evolving to safeguard sensitive data and shield from the increasing threat of cyberattacks.

The ZD621R offers a new standard 4.3-inch, full-color LCD touch display with intuitive menu as well as enhanced features to keep your business moving forward at all times. This printer also provides improved communication and field installable media handling options for increased productivity while keeping the highest level of reliability in mind!

The ZD621R has optional field- or factory-installable dual-radio 802.11ac + Bluetooth wireless. Media handling options include a peeler and label cutter media. If a portable solution is needed there is also a battery and carrying case options too which enables the ZD621R to be a fully transportable solution ideal for events or adhoc uses around larger warehouses or facilities.

Key applications of the ZD621R are:

  • Retail Labelling and Tagging – Assist with stock taking, inventory control.
  • Food & Beverage Management – batch traceability, expiry dates.
  • Healthcare – Many applications including lab samples, patient ID, asset tracking, document management.
  • Manufacturing – traceability / QA of parts, batch control, quarantine, and process control.
  • Government – Document and Asset tracking
  • Hospitality – Guess management, wristbands, ticketing, cashless pay.