Brother Tape Creator Pro Overview

Breaking from the norm of labelling using tape and die-cut media, Brother have produced this unusual machine. It prints single colour ribbon onto single tape but this isn't your normal 3-36mm TZe tape, it's packaging tape. The idea is you can print on demand custom packaging tape to be used on parcels or products for either added security, personalization and more. For example you want to add extra security verification you can produce a tape that says something like "SECURELY SEALED - REJECT IF DAMAGED" and use the tape to seal a parcel closed before it's dispatched. You could also add some customization by printing "Happy Birthday, Sarah" and wrapping it around the base of a bouquet of flowers. The only limit is your imagination!

It's fairly easy to set-up. The tape cartridge is a little over 300 meters and has a backing paper re-winder so it is a fairly large-looking consumable. The ribbon cartridge is much smaller but is still around the same length. Why the size difference? Ribbon is incredibly thin for starters but what you have to remember is there is 300m of tape plus 300m of backing paper so the OD (outside diameter) is going to be much larger plus the re-winder reel for the backing paper after print. To set-up open the front and back parts of the printer. Unlock the tape re-winder roll, insert a blank core onto it then lock the re-winder back into place. Make sure the tape and backing paper isn't loose, tighten if needed before inserting the cartridge into the printer. Unstick the start of the tape, pull and stick it to the empty core at the front that you inserted in the first few steps. Make sure the ribbon is not loose and tighten if needed using the little cog on one side marked with an arrow. Insert the ribbon, it'll only sit one way round so look for the arrows and make sure they line up correctly. Close both parts of the printer securely, power on the printer and press the button with a roll icon to set-up the tape ready to be printed to. Print to the tape either the full roll or as much as you require. You can press the pause button to pause, resume and cancel a print job. Once your print job has finished, press the roll set-up button again to wind some blank tape through so that no printed part gets cut then press the cut button which will cut and finish rolling the last of the tape onto the roll. Remove the printed roll by following the first few steps. Now to can tape up parcels and more in style!