Brother PT-D600 Review

The D600 is the first of Brother's range that features a colour screen. It's a direct replacement for the P-Touch 2730 which was always a great printer for office use. The PPI of the screen is also higher than most of the previous models making the print preview of the labels and viewing the fonts clear and easy to see. As usual this printer, like other Brother printers, detects what size TZe tape you've inserted but this also detects the colour so what you see on the screen is what you get out the printer. Featuring an automatic electric cutter this printer will cut the labels for you. You can choose to cut each label, at the end of a batch or switch the cutter off completely.

Features D450 D600
Screen Backlit black and white Backlit colour
Tape sizes 3.5mm - 18mm 3.5mm - 24mm
PC/Mac connectivity USB USB
Memory 50 labels 99 labels
Battery power 6x AA 6x AA
Main power Adaptor included Adaptor included


I was a little disappointed that the D600 doesn't do a part cut and that the case isn't perfect for the D450 but other than that they are both great printers and I can see the next version of the D450 having a colour screen as it's much more appealing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.