051390 - Brady Small Universal Valve Lockout w- Nylon Cable and Blocking Arm

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Versatile, rugged, easy to use and lightweight, Brady Universal Valve Lockouts are effective for a variety types of standard valves. Can also be used to lock out large levers, T-handles and hard-to-secure mechanical devices. New open-ended clamp fits over closed rings and wide handles. Made of industrial-grade steel and nylon for extra impact and chemical resistance. Cable attachment is 3.175mm x diameter nonconductive nylon cable. Additional base clamping units, blocking arms and cable attachments sold separately.

Whats in the box:

  • 1x Brady Small Universal Valve Lockout with Nylon Cable and Blocking Arm


  • Dimensions: 157.50mm x W x 142.20mm x H x 2.44 m L
  • Max shackle diameter: 9.00mm
  • Min shackle Clearance: 20.00mm
  • Brady material type: LOTO-24 Glass-filled Nylon
  • Colour: Red
  • Max service temperature: 120C
  • Min service temperature: -20C
  • Designed for mechanical risk management
  • Part does not contain an SVHC
  • Max handle thickness: 15.24mm
  • Max valve handle width: 25.40mm
  • Max wire/cable diameter: 3.25mm
  • Min wire/cable diameter: 3.25mm
  • Max number of padlocks that can be attached: 2
  • Part does not contain an SVHC

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