806178 Brady Ultimate Lockout Kit

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Brady Ultimate Lockout Kit
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The Brady Ultimate Lockout Kit is an extensive Lockout Tagout kit and includes everything a larger company might need for their Lockout Tagout programme as well as training material.

Whats in the box:

  • Large Universal Valve Lockout base clamping unit
  • Large Blocking Arm
  • Cable attachment
  • Adjustable gate valve device
  • APCLO with sheathed metal cable
  • Large Plug lockout device
  • Red butterfly valve lockout
  • Cylinder tank lockout
  • Gas cylinder lockout
  • Mini cable lockout
  • 27V No-hole circuit breaker
  • 480-600V No-hole circuit breaker
  • 480-600V Breaker blocker kit
  • Miniature circuit breaker demo kit (1 off each type)
  • Economy multi-pole breaker
  • Nylon lockout hasp
  • 1 pack of red safety padlocks
  • 1 pack of red safety lockouts (25mm)
  • Duffel bag
  • LOTO Training Movie
  • Do not operate tag and pen
  • Large lockout pouch
  • Lockout belt pouch


  • Colour: Multi
  • Legend Language: English
  • REACH SVHC Status: Part contains an SVHC

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