B30-PM-KIT - BBP3x Printers Pipe Marking Kit

BradySKU: 195962

Pipe marking kit for BBP30, BBP33, BBP35 and BBP37 label printers.

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Create customized pipe markers that comply with pipe marking standards easily. This Pipe Marking kit for Brady BBP30, BBP31, BBP33, BBP35 and BBP37 label printers contains everything you need to print pipe markers whenever you require them

Whats in the box:

Pack contains: 1 kit, 8 Roll(s) / Box including:

  • 1x roll of B30C-4000-595-YL
  • 1x B30C-4000-595-BL
  • 1x B30C-4000-595-RD
  • 1x B30C-4000-595-GN
  • 1x B30C-4000-595-BR
  • 1x B30C-4000-595-PL
  • 1x B30-R10000-WT
  • 2 rolls of B30-R10000


  • Industry: Chemical, Oil & Gas; Manufacturing; Facility & Safety; Process
  • Printer Compatibility: BBP30; BBP31; BBP33; BBP35; BBP37

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