DYMO Rhino M1011 Metal Tape Embosser S0720090

DymoSKU: RHINO M1011

Create lasting labels to withstand industrial environments with this embosser.

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The DYMO Rhino M1011 Metal Tape Embosser makes 12 mm stainless steel and aluminum labels (with or without adhesive) that resist extreme weather, temperature, chemical and UV exposure. The M1011 features a front scissor cut-off and a built-in hole-punching device that makes a hole for hanging and tacking. Imprints 12 mm wide metal tapes that withstand chemicals: extreme weather conditions: very high and low temperatures: salty water and abrasion.

What's in the box:

  • One M1011 Metal Tape Embosser
  • One Horizontal.188” Character Wheel
  • One Reverse Image Wheel
  • One Roll 12mm x 4.80m Non-Adhesive Aluminum Tape
  • One Roll 12mm x 6.40m Non-Adhesive Stainless Steel Tape
  • One Hard Carry Case


  • Industrial and factory tasks are made easy with this tough
    cast-aluminum labeler.
  • Imprints 1/2 (12mm) wide metal and vinyl tapes that withstand weather:
    temperature and corrosion.
  • Front scissor cutoff for fast and easy label application.
  • Built-in hole punching device that creates a hole for hanging and tacking. Cable tie slot for cable marking.

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