N007206 Brady White on Violet Potassium hydroxide Clp Pipe Marker On Roll

BradySKU: N007206

White on Violet Potassium hydroxide Clp Pipe Marker On Roll Pipelines.

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Improve safety and aid maintenance with Brady European Standard Pipemarkers. Brady Potassium hydroxide Clp Pipemarkers conform to RAL European standard colour coding and for dangerous substances the Chemical Symbols conform to European Regulations 1271/2008, 790/2009 and 286/2001. Danger and hazard symbols, if relevant and necessary, are automatically printed either side of the text, and the Signal word underneath the text, this saves you having to identify the appropriate symbol.

Markers are printed with a contrasting border in the same colour as the text for improved visibility. Individual markers are supplied with a die-cut arrow head on both ends, simply remove the one not required.


  • Legend: Potassium hydroxide
  • Quantity/UOM 30/Roll
  • Brady Material Number: B-7520
  • Material Type: Laminated Polyester - Linerless
  • Colour: White on Violet Potassium hydroxide
  • Size (Height mm x Width mm): 33 x 127
  • Danger Symbol: CLP 5, CLP 7

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