XSL-133-427 - B-427 Vinyl Material 0.25 ml Small Straws

BradySKU: XSL-133-427

9.53 mm x 44.45 mm Printable, self-laminating polyester labels for LABXPERT & IDXPERT printers.

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  • Stock Ref: 60945
  • Size: 9.53 mm x 44.45 mm (Printable area)
  • Labels Per Roll: 175
  • Material: Vinyl B-427
  • Colour: White

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Self Laminating Vinyl Labels ideal for labelling small straws and rods within a laboratory environment. For use with Brady LABxpert and IDxpert printers. Please Note: This material is UL Recognised with its respective ribbon. See the Recommended Ribbon Series for the appropriate ribbon to use.

  • 175 labels
  • Size: 25.40mm x 44.45mm
  • Recommended Ribbon Series R4300

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