Zebra DS3678-HD Ultra-Rugged Scanner High Density USB Kit with Cradle and PSU - DS3678-HD3U42A0SFW

ZebraSKU: DS3678-HD3U42A0SFW

Zebra DS3678-HD High Density Ultra-Rugged Scanner USB Kit with Cradle and PSU

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DS3678-HD Rugged Green High Density USB (with Cradle and PSU) Kit - includes Scanner (DS3678-HD2F003VZWW), 7ft (2m) Straight Shielded USB Cable (CBA-U42-S07PAR), Standard Cradle (STB3678-C100F3WW), Power Supply (PWR-BGA12V50W0WW) and DC Cable (CBL-DC-451A1-01) - Requires country specific three-wire grounded (C13) AC Line Cord sold separately

Give your workers unstoppable performance in the toughest environments with the cordless DS3678 ultra-rugged 1D/2D handheld scanners. Available in Standard Range (SR), High Performance (HP), Long Range (LR), High Density (HD), Direct Part Marking (DPM)


  • Extraordinary Scanning Range, Over 30% more working range than others.
  • Capture Barcodes in any Condition
  • Lightning-fast time-to-decode.
  • Warranty: 3 years

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